Project description:

When designing for a series of products from the same manufacturer, consistent quality is the key to positive brand recognition. At WB Bottle Supply Company, our ability to provide world class packaging solutions is what brought this food industry customer to us.

A St. Louis manufacturer of olive oil and vinegars was in need of labels printed for a family of containers for a specific product line. Our graphic designers developed a series of labels that would give their products a consistently branded appearance, which was applied using multi-colored silk screening. Because we specialize in custom packaging, we were able to develop and produce this project in short order. We now produce these labels on a scheduled basis, which allows us to save the customer on shipping and packaging, as well as on set up costs, while delivering orders rapidly.

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Project details:

Product Name

Olive Oil and Vinegars Labels

Product Description

Printing Labels on Olive Oil & Vinegars

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Multi-Colored Silk Screening



Graphic Designer

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

St. Louis, MO

Standards Met

Customer Specifications