A Modest Start

WB Bottle Supply was founded during the Great Depression when Wilfred Wing Sr. and his partner Ed Berger would spend their days collecting bottles at the local dump, cleaning, and re-selling them.  In 1932, WB Bottle’s operations officially began in a store outlet and warehouse on the south side of Milwaukee. A few months later, Wilfred Wing Sr. bought Berger’s share of the business for $50.00, and by 1937 the business had moved to a 24,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office building.  Nine years later, Wilfred Wing Jr. and his brother Jerry took over the family business.  WB Bottle began their in-house silk-screen decoration in 1954, attained their first distributorship two years later, and moved operations to an 80,000 sq. ft. building in 1964.

Continued Success

Now, 87 years and 5 generations later, WB Bottle Supply is the most complete full-line bottle & jar supplier in Wisconsin, with customers worldwide. We have trusted partnerships with suppliers around the globe, an experienced sales staff, an extensive in-stock product line, and a full-service decorating department ready to assist you in creating a unique packaging solution for your product marketing needs.