As screen-printing has grown in popularity, it has become the preferred technique for bottle decoration. Many businesses have turned to screen-printing bottles because of the numerous advantages it offers over traditional paper labels.

Packaging is a key part of the marketing plan for any business that makes or sells products. The influence of product packaging on purchase decisions necessitates attention to detail and a sense of brand image. With glass bottle printing, it can provide the shelf appeal that catches a customer’s eyes and solidifies a purchase decision. Bottle silkscreen printing services can take your glass bottles to the next level with distinctive branding. Bottle silkscreen printing is also a cost-effective solution compared to other techniques.

Choosing the best bottle decorating method for your products is just as important as working with a company that provides high-quality bottle silkscreen printing. When selecting a glass bottle printer for your business, ensure they have the experience and state-of-the-art technology needed to meet your decorating needs.

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Glass Bottle Screen Printing.

What Is Screen Bottle Printing?

Screen bottle printing is one of the most widely used bottle decorating techniques in the packaging and it can be used for both multi-color and single color prints. During the process, ink pushes through a mesh screen containing the desired designs, and then a squeegee applies the ink to the bottle.

After the ink application, the printed bottle sits under UV or LED lights for the ink to cure and effectively sticks to the bottle without smearing or rubbing off. At WB Bottle, we use Pyrosil technology to increase the bonding and durability of the ink on decorated bottles. This state-of-the-art technology ensures your design is applied with increased adhesion.

Screen Printing vs. Paper Labels

Screen-printed bottles are a stylish and professional way to make your brand stand out. Some advantages of bottle silkscreen printing over using paper labels include:

  • Increased shelf appeal of your product
  • The entire bottle is your canvas for visual expression
  • Increased durability and integrity
  • Improved bottling line efficiency

Why WB Bottle for Your Glass Bottle Printing?

With over 85 years of experience in the bottle and packaging industry, our team at WB Bottle will help with your bottle decorating needs. We can custom silkscreen a variety of glass containers to help your products stand out during a customer’s purchasing decision.

High-quality artwork and a good understanding of the screen-printing process is key to a perfect final product. When designing your own artwork, the first step is to request the printable area of your container from WB Bottle. Our graphic designers can also handle the design process, working with you to create mock-ups and design your logo and artwork.

We offer both single color and multi-color bottle screen-printing services that will create a high-end professional look for your packaging. Contact WB Bottle to learn more about our glass bottle printing capabilities.