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Packaging decisions can make or break a beer brand, and the glass bottle you choose is just as important to branding as your labels are. Getting your beer bottles wholesale is a significant step, so make sure you’re choosing the dimensions, shape, and bulk or per-unit price that best fits your needs.

The current demand for craft beer and microbrews means that finding the right bottles is more important than ever. There’s an endless variety of bottles that are sold in flexible unit volumes, so smaller brands can find the right aesthetic to complement their brand.

Before you finalize your labeling design and brand, consider what glass bottle features are the most important to your brand and the long-term success of your product. Also, spend time looking for the right bulk beer bottles supplier that can offer you the reliability, product quality, and flexibility you need. At WB Bottle Supply, we work with microbreweries, craft beer companies, and more to supply glass beer bottles that match their brand, volume, and price needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bottle

There are two key factors to consider when choosing the actual glass bottle for your beer: the color and the shape of the bottle. Clear glass bottles allow consumers to learn more about the color of your beer, while tinted and opaque bottles protect your product from UV radiation. Growlers, which are glass or ceramic jugs for transporting draft beer, can also be a bottling option, especially if you have deals with local restaurants or you’re serving customers with take-home growlers during COVID-19 closures.

The right bottle shape also matters. Consider different shapes like:

  • Heritage bottles
  • Longneck bottles
  • Specialty bottles
  • Swing top bottles

Choosing Your Bottle Closure 

Two popular types of bottle closures are metal caps and screw-top caps. Different caps subtly change the appearance of your bottle and the experience of opening it. Each type of cap also requires different bottling processes, so it’s important to keep your machinery’s capabilities and your budget in mind when choosing between caps that clamp or screw into place.

Choosing Bottle Size


The market you serve will impact the bottle size you choose. Common options include:

  • 12 oz/355mL bottles: the regular modern US beer bottle size, the standard “longneck”, also referred to as the industry standard bottle (ISB).
  • 22 oz/750mL bottles: These are standard sizes that can be sold to consumers individually in a bar or in a pack.
  • 32 and 64 oz growlers: Growlers are increasingly popular take-home options for local consumers who prefer craft beer.
  • 8 oz Boston round bottles: These bottles are smaller novelty options that have a unique look and allow consumers to try more variety.

Good market research can help you determine which bottle size is the right fit for your brand. Being able to offer options, especially standard bottle sizes and growlers, makes your beer products more accessible. Look for suppliers and bottlers who can easily accommodate multiple bottle types.

Factors to Examine When Buying Glass Bottles

Any time you’re investing in wholesale brewery supplies, shop with quality in mind. Consider the thickness and quality of the top and bottom of the bottle, any disposal and recycling restrictions that can make it difficult for local bars, stores, or restaurants to dispose of bottles, and how difficult it is to clean the bottles based on the shape, any contours, and the size of the neck opening.

Searching for the right supplier is also part of finding the right bottle. Look for certified suppliers that have quality assurance programs, transparent sourcing, and certifications.

Wholesale Glass Bottle Supply From WB Bottle Supply

Craft beers and microbreweries make up a unique market with hundreds of unique products, so look for packaging that will help your product stand out from the crowd. At WB Bottle Supply, we provide our clients with a variety of high-quality glass bottle options with different shapes, closure options, and more.

With over 85 years of experience in the bottle and packaging industry, our in-house decorating department at WB Bottle will help with your bottle decorating needs. We can custom silkscreen a variety of glass containers to help your products stand out during a customer’s purchasing decision. We offer both single color and multi-color bottle screen-printing services that will create a high-end professional look for your packaging. Contact us to speak with our representatives about the bottle solution for your product, or request a quote today.