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Kombucha bottles need to be stronger than those used for water, soda, and even alcohol because they must be able to handle the fermentation process. Fermentation can cause carbonation and gas buildup, and using the wrong bottles can lead to a ruined product. WB Bottle specializes in high-quality kombucha bottles for use throughout the fermentation, storage, and transportation processes. We provide a wide range of shapes and styles so your kombucha stands out on the shelf, with options such as:

  • Boston Round
  • Pour-Out Round
  • Stout Round
  • Square
  • French Square

Kombucha Bottles

Characteristics of Good Kombucha Bottles

While you’re shopping for the right kombucha bottle, it’s important to look for key characteristics that will enhance your product quality, brand reputation, and adherence to safety practices. Starting every batch with the right bottles will protect the fermentation process, reduce product waste, and reduce both clean-up costs and the risk of injury to your employees.

Look for these key characteristics to ensure you’re using a high-quality kombucha bottle:

Opt for BPA-free bottles from materials that are certified as food grade. Food grade materials are safer (and generally required) for consumable products. Choosing the right material will go a long way in reducing explosions, contamination, and waste.

Air-Tight Seal
The bottle needs to provide an airtight seal, which is generally achieved through a rubber top. Adequately sealing the bottle will minimize spoilage and create a more consistent fermentation cycle so your consumers know what to expect when they open every bottle.

Carefully consider what size bottle is the best fit for your operations. You want bottles that allow for proper scaling and volume but are not so large that they limit your ability to diversify your product options. Consider:

  • The volume of kombucha your facility can produce per batch
  • Convenience and storage capabilities
  • The number of different flavors you want to provide at any given time

Ability to Hold Up to Pressure

One of the most important factors that distinguish kombucha bottles from other bottles is resistance to internal pressure. The bottles need to be able to withstand a buildup of gas as the bacteria and yeast added to the product break down the sugars in the tea.

How to Choose the Best Materials for Your Kombucha Bottles

Various materials can be used to make kombucha bottles; however, glass is often the most popular option. Glass kombucha bottles offer a wide range of benefits that make them an ideal choice, including:

  • Strong enough to withstand pressure
  • Inert and nonreactive to acids and bacteria developing in the kombucha
  • Commonly available
  • Easy and cost-effective to source

Types of Specialty Glass Options WB Bottle Provides

At WB Bottle, we specialize in crafting high-quality specialty bottles for our food and beverage clients. Our glass bottles come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles, all with the thickness levels and sealing capabilities to handle kombucha throughout the lifecycle of the product.

While canning jars can be used to store finished kombucha, their non-airtight design can allow carbon dioxide to leak out and reduce carbonation. WB Bottle has a wide range of glass bottles that offer a great solution for your kombucha. These include:

  • Boston Round Bottles. These bottles feature a classic round design with a screw-on lid built to withstand building pressure. These bottles are budget-friendly, offer reliable storage, and come in a range of standard sizes from one to 32 ounces.
  • Beer Bottles. Beer bottles have a time-tested design that can handle all the carbonation and fermentation forces of your kombucha product.
  • Stout and Juice Bottles. Varying your bottle to other commonly used styles is a great strategy for making your product eye-catching to new buyers while keeping your production costs within your budget.

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WB Bottle has been providing our clients with packaging services for over 90 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable remove location team has a network of product lines and supply partners across the globe. Along with packaging, we offer bottle decorating, closure systems, support for refining your packaging strategy, and more. Contact us today to find the right bottles for your kombucha, or request a quote to get started.