WB Bottle Supply Company has been an innovative bottle supplier in the food industry for more than 87 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the packaging of food and beverage products enable us to offer comprehensive turnkey packaging solutions for any food-related product.

The food and agriculture sectors are deeply entwined with other industries, including manufacturing, marketing, distribution, retail, education, research and development, and financial markets. For an industry with this much influence, product packaging is a crucial aspect of successful food distribution. Safe and reliable food packaging is required not only to meet federal safety regulations, but as a key component in effective product marketing.

Food Storage Containers

Depending on the product they carry, food containers must be tailored to attract consumers and also to meet their practical needs. WB Bottle Supply maintains a wide selection of bottles, jars, and accessories for an extensive variety of food products, so we can always customize a container solution that provides the greatest combined utility and marketing impact.

Glass Bottles & Jars

WB Bottle Supply offers an assortment of glass bottles and jars in clear, amber, green, and cobalt. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes up to one gallon, and maintain a stock of high quality glass food containers, such as:

– Jars – Mason jars, canning jars, spice jars, and condiment jars to carry various food items such as mayonnaise, olives, honey, jelly, and assorted spices.
– Sauce Bottles
– Oil Bottles – For various oils and dressings.
– Maple Syrup Bottles
– Jugs – Juices, syrups

View our Beverages bottles for wines, liquors, beers, juices and other applications.

Plastic Bottles & Jars

We offer bottles and jars in polyethylene, PET, and PVC that range in size from small spice jars to five-gallon carboys. WB Bottle sources a wide variety of standard and aspect ratio calspecialty plastic containers depending on customer needs. Our plastic container options include:

  • Cylinders, rounds, and ovals
  • Beer and juice bottles
  • Dairy jugs
  • Straight and oblong jars
  • Sprayers and carafes
  • Spice containers
  • Handled jugs
  • Pails, tubs, and lids

Bottle and Jar Closures

WB Bottle Supply is pleased to offer a range of closure options for both glass and plastic containers. From standard threaded caps to more customized tops, we can source superior quality sealing and closure materials for any product. Our wide range of bottle and jar closures includes:

  • Metal and phenol threaded caps
  • Polypropylene closures
  • Beer crowns and bar tops
  • Spice container tops
  • Safety lids
  • Dispensing closures
  • Flip tops and snap tops

Sprayers, Pumps, and Fitments

At WB Bottle Supply, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive packaging solutions including sprayers, pumps, plugs and fitments.

We know that each product has different requirements, so we offer a wide range of customizable accessories to match the needs of any operation. Our specialized accessories include:

  • Glass droppers
  • Sifters
  • Pumps
  • Trigger and fingertip sprayers
  • Controlled droppers
  • Nasal closures
  • Shrink wrap

Decorating Services for the Food Industry

Decorated sauce bottlesWhile functionality plays a significant role in packaging decisions, marketing and presentation are just as important. At WB Bottle Supply, we help streamline the packaging process by offering a full portfolio of decorating services for your food industry bottles and containers.

Our in-house decorating services for bottles, jars and food – food containers include:

  • Silk screening to provide a high-end look at an affordable price.
  • Pressure-sensitive labeling as an economic labeling option.
  • Graphic design services to help successfully market products or optimize existing packaging.
  • In-mold lettering and applied ceramic lettering, depending on product needs, packaging design, and budget requirements.

Food Industry Containers from WB Bottle Supply

There is no love more sincere than the love of food. We all make the choice on what products we feed ourselves and our families for that happy full satisfaction on a daily basis. With that being said, consumers are tricky and often unpredictable—but with well thought out packaging you can strengthen your chances of winning them over. In such a heavily saturated market it is important that your product stands out.

Since the 1920s, WB Bottle Supply has been a distinguished supplier of bottle and jar supplies throughout Wisconsin and around the world. Our extensive network of trusted suppliers ensures that we can maintain a comprehensive collection of packaging products for your every need.

With our experienced sales staff and full-service design department, you are sure to find the perfect packaging solution. For more information on our superior packaging services, contact WB Bottle Supply today!

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