Choosing the Right Bottle Supplier

When bringing a bottled product to market, the type of bottle you choose and the bottle supplier you partner with can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It’s important to work through your list of requirements and specifications to identify the right design for your product — as well as the supplier that best meets your production needs.

Step 1: Pinpoint Your Bottle Design

You can get a good sense of the direction you’d like to take your packaging bottle by examining the types of bottles used by your competitors. Ultimately, the right bottle design necessitates considering several factors, such as the construction material and bottle shape, and choosing according to what meets your unique needs.

Bottle Material Properties

Industry professionals use a variety of materials to manufacture bottles. Some of the most commonly employed materials and their unique characteristics are outlined in the table below. Visit our Technical Library for more bottle material property information.

Bottle Material Properties

Bottle Neck Shape (Finish)

The neck of a bottle—i.e., the part that accommodates the closure—is of particular importance to the overall bottle design. How this component is configured—i.e., its finish—dictates the type of closure the bottle can accommodate.

bottle neck shape

When designing the bottle finish, there are a few measurements to keep in mind: 

  • Bead locating dimension: the length of the area between the top of the finish and the top of the bead
  • Bead width: the height of the bead
  • Finish start: the length of the area from the top of the finish to the bottom of the neck
  • Hole diameter: the diameter of the opening
  • Major diameter: the diameter including the threads
  • Minor diameter: the diameter not including the threads
  • Thread start: the length of the area from the top of the finish to the topmost section of the thread

With these design elements in mind, some of the commonly used neck finishes you may choose from include:


Common Neck Finishes

400 bottle neck finish

Standard 400

1 thread turn

410 bottle neck finish

Standard 410

1.5 thread turns

standard 415 bottle neck finish

Standard 415

2 thread turns, narrow threads

standard 425 bottle neck finish

Buttress Finish

Thick threads and top bead for a stronger seal

2030 bottle neck lug finish

2030 Lug Finish

Non-continuous threads

2035 bottle neck lug finish

2035 Lug Finish

Non-continuous threads, tall “H” dimension

Step 2: Evaluate Potential Suppliers and Identify a Quality Partner

Choosing a bottle supplier can be challenging, as it’s not always possible to visit the locations of all potential partners and meet face-to-face with their teams. However, by acquiring the answers to the following questions, you can get a better sense of whether a company would be a good fit for your product and production needs:

  • — How long have they been in business?
  • — Do they have a fully fleshed out professional website?
  • — What are their prices?
  • — Do they carry inventory?
  • — Where are they located?
  • — What is the cost of shipping?
  • — What is their standard delivery time?
  • — Do they have a return policy?
  • — Do they offer product samples?
  • — How do they rank on non-affiliated business websites, such as BBB or Bizrate?

You will also need to determine whether the supplier you’re considering has experience supplying bottles for use in your particular industry. At WB Bottle Supply, we serve many industries, including the following:

Step 3: Look for Value-Added Services

The ideal partner often provides more than just the manufacture or supply of bottles. They may also offer other services that facilitate the delivery of ready-to-use bottles.

At WB Bottle Supply, we have a broad selection of decorating and other value-added services to help fulfill diverse bottled product needs, including:

Silk Screening

silk screening bottle servicesOur custom silk screening services accommodate glass and plastic bottles in up to one-gallon sizes. We offer single-color, multi-color, and half-tone silk screening to give bottles a polished and professional finish at an affordable price.

Our Pantone Matching System allows us to accurately identify and reproduce colors in the desired design.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

For a packaging design that is both economical and profitable, pressure-sensitive labels are an excellent option. We have all the necessary equipment to apply high-quality labels that elevate and make your bottles stand out on the shelves.

In-House Graphic Design

While many bottle suppliers outsource graphic design to a third-party company, we have expert graphic designers on staff. Our in-house design team can help you update your current packaging design or, if you prefer, assist you in designing an entirely new package from scratch. As our art department accepts virtually any file type compatible with Windows or Mac OS, it’s easy to submit your artwork for evaluation and production. We also offer:

  • — In-house logistics department
  • — Assembly services
  • — Custom designs and molds

Partner with WB Bottle Supply for Quality Bottle Solutions

WB Bottle Supply has served the packaging market with quality products and services for five generations. From bottle, closure, sprayer, or fitment supply and graphic design to logistical support, we are a full-line bottle supplier for customers across the globe. By partnering with us for your bottle needs, you benefit from our:

  • Partnerships with reputable bottle suppliers
  • Decades of experience and expert sales staff
  • Extensive product inventory
  • Broad range of value-added services, including container decorating

Whether you need tips on bottle types and materials or you’d like some guidance creating custom graphic designs for your product, our team can help. To learn more about our bottle services and how we can help perfect your next project, request a quote today.

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