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An easily identifiable and unique juice bottle is one way to set your brand apart from the competition. When deciding on plastic juice bottles, it is important to consider using distinct bottle shapes or sizes to help with brand identity. WB Bottle offers a broad range of wholesale plastic juice bottles to accommodate many kinds of beverages.

When searching for quality plastic juice bottles, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions to meet your unique needs. From plastic bottles to specialty containers, we have the solution for your brand. WB Bottle is a reliable supplier of distinct packaging solutions, ranging from plastic and glass juice bottles wholesale to various caps and closures.

Choosing the Appropriate Juice Bottle

Finding the right packaging for your juice line is just as important as creating quality and flavor-filled juices. With the overwhelming amount of competition for shelf space, having eye-catching packaging can be the determining factor of your juice brand’s success. Besides making a great first impression, the appropriate plastic juice bottle will help preserve your product while meeting consumers’ expectations. Some key things to consider when choosing juice bottles include:

  • Material that suits your needs. In the beverage industry, glass and plastic juice bottles are the most popular options. Both of these materials offer advantages and disadvantages for use in packaging your juices. Plastic juice bottles are often used for their versatility and reduced risk of being damaged. Glass juice bottles are harder to customize but create a high-end feel to a product. Transporting and displaying glass juice bottles requires careful attention because of the bottle’s fragile nature.
  • Tamper-evident juice bottles. Consumers have a higher level of confidence in the safety of buying and enjoying your juices when tamper-evident packaging is used. Besides building consumer trust, securely sealed plastic juice bottles also help with leak prevention and keeping your product fresh.

For a Hard-Earned Thirst

Deciding Between Glass vs. Plastic Bottles

The common debate when choosing bottles for your juice line is whether to choose glass or plastic. The two are widely used across the beverage industry, and the choice between them depends on aesthetics, cost, and environmental impact. While glass is associated with environmental friendliness, its carbon footprint is greater than that of plastic because of the number of resources needed for its initial production. Although glass is continually recyclable, there is only a marginal difference between the actual recycling stats of glass vs. PET plastic.

Plastic juice bottles are the more durable and affordable option. While some drinks are a better fit for glass, others are best in plastic bottles. Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both to determine the best bottle type for your juice brand.

Contact WB Bottle for Your Plastic and Glass Juice Bottle Needs

For nearly a century, WB Bottle Supply has provided customers with the highest quality bottles and jars. We offer recyclable, durable glass and plastic containers for products in diverse industries, including food, chemical, cosmetic, pet, automotive, cleaning, and cannabis, and in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Our superior bottle selection, partnered with our expert, in-house decorating services team positions us as leaders in wholesale juice bottle distribution.

As a reliable supplier of plastic and glass juice bottles, WB Bottle offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. Plastic and glass juice bottles are available in various shapes, sizes, and closure types. You can easily customize our range of in-stock plastic bottles with desired cap types and label space. WB Bottle also has a full-service decorating department to assist you with creating distinct packaging for your products that aligns with your overall branding. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your plastic juice bottle needs.

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Plastic Juice Bottles Wholesale Bulk.

Wholesale Juice Bottle Types

At WB Bottle Supply, we offer glass and plastic juice bottles to accommodate every style and size, up to one-gallon.


  • Clear PET Plastic
  • Natural HDPE Plastic
  • PET Plastic


  • Boston Round Bottles
  • Juice Bottles
  • French Square Bottles

Benefits of Using Glass Juice Bottles 


The quality of our glass bottles is evident in their weight—they’re sturdy and durable, meaning less chance of damaged products.

Extended Shelf-Life

Because glass is non-permeable and minimally reactive, it can greatly extend product shelf life.

Light Protection

Colored glass, which readily absorbs UV light, can protect light-sensitive products such as many wines.


Glass bottles come in such a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors, there’s one to suit every need. Openings can be wide or narrow, and bottles may also have handles and a variety of labeling.

Environmentally Friendly

Easily reusable and recyclable, glass is a sustainable bottle choice, enhancing consumer perceptions.

Consistency & Accuracy

Glass bottles can be produced quickly with excellent consistency and accuracy, meaning less waste overall and reduced costs.

Benefits of Using Plastic Juice Bottles


PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, and with updates in manufacturing technology, plastic bottles have a lighter design, which reduces the amount of plastic that’s used to make them. 

Chemical Resistance

PET plastic bottles don’t react with water or food, making them an excellent option for packaging consumable goods. They also have a strong barrier with the outside environment, which prevents oxygen from getting in and spoiling the product.

Flexible Design

PET plastic can be molded into different shapes and sizes at a low cost, making it easier for companies to have a unique packaging design that stands out on the shelves.


Plastic bottles are shatterproof and durable. They don’t require a lot of protection during transportation, making it a cost-effective option for manufacturers looking to save money on additional packaging. 

Closures and Lids

Closures can add the style and function your products need, including:

  • Tamper evident lids 
  • Screw top lids

At WB Bottle, we have decades of expertise in providing wholesale juice bottles and other glass and plastic packaging options. Our commitment to offering value-added services with our in-house decorating and logistics departments, plus assembly, attaching, and repacking, makes us your start-to-finish juice bottle supplier.

Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about choosing the best wholesale glass and plastic bottle options for your next project.