For over a thousand years, coffee has been an essential beverage for people worldwide. Today, approximately 70% of the world’s population consumes coffee regularly. With coffee shops accessible in virtually every city and town, the coffee industry is constantly innovating new beverages for coffee drinkers to consume.

Although coffee roasters have been cold brewing since the 1600s, cold-brewed coffee drinks have experienced an uptick in popularity in recent years. Traditionally, coffee beans are ground and steeped in hot water, but cold brewing extracts the flavor from the beans by soaking the coffee grounds in room-temperature water for 24 hours or longer. Removing the element of heat from the process preserves the chemical makeup of the coffee, resulting in a smoother, less bitter beverage. Cold brews have become increasingly popular due to their milder flavor profile, and coffee roasters are responding to the demand by bottling their cold brews and selling them in concentrated or ready-to-drink formulas in stores.

Choosing the Best Cold Brew Container

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A well-designed cold brew glass bottle can be just as important as the quality and flavor of a cold brew by helping your product stand out in an increasingly saturated market. Before making a final design decision, it is important to be aware of the bottle types and designs of competitors already on the market.

Once the research is complete, begin planning the size, color, shape, and material for your cold brew bottle. Consider choosing an option that is an unusual shape or color that will stand out from the crowd and garner a buyer’s attention.

Advantages of Using Glass For Your Cold Brew Bottles

Choosing the right material for your cold brew can go a long way in protecting the flavor of your beverage. While plastic is cheaper, it contains more chemicals that could permeate the liquid. Plastic bottles also let in more CO2, which increases the chances of spoilage.

In contrast, glass coffee bottles are impermeable, create an airtight seal, and do not affect the flavor of your cold brew, extending the freshness of your product and allowing for longer shelf life. In general, glass bottles are a better option for cold brew coffees because they are free of chemicals such as BPA, polycarbonate, and phthalate often found in plastic bottles. Furthermore, glass is infinitely recyclable, making it a much better choice for the environment.

Types of Glass Options WB Bottles Provides

When considering a bottling company to partner with, it is important to choose a supplier that has a wide range of options to fit your brand’s image. WB Bottles offer a wide array of choices to help make your cold brew a success. Some options to consider include:

  • Mason Jars: Mason jars are extremely versatile glass containers that provide an airtight seal to preserve freshness. The wide mouth of the jar allows consumers to easily pour the product into travel containers or simply enjoy the beverage straight from the jar.
  • Mayo/Economy Jars: Similar to mason jars in simplicity, this model is durable and is equipped with a hermetic, tamper-evident seal.
  • Straight-Sided Jars: This sturdy jar features straight edges perfect for placing eye-catching labels. The wide mouth also allows for easy pouring and larger storing capacity.
  • French Square Jars: Highly resistant to heat, cold, and chemicals, this container type offers high clarity and the ability to be colored.
  • Boston Round Bottle: This is considered the classic shape for cold brew coffees. Boston round bottles traditionally come in clear or amber finishes.

For 90 years, WB Bottle Supply has served as a leading supplier of glass bottles and jars to customers worldwide. Additionally, our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing the final touch that will add individuality and distinctiveness to your package. WB Bottle Supply has been transforming containers through decoration and helping our customers achieve that “wow” shelf appeal since 1953. We are committed to ensuring that your cold brew bottling goals are met. Our experienced sales staff are ready to assist you in choosing the best option for your needs. Please contact us today and request a free quote online so we can begin serving you today!