Project description:

The Canal Park Brewery Company is a well-known name for craft beer in the Minnesota area. Their growing business brought them to another well-known name, WB Bottle Supply Company.

The craft beer industry is one of the fastest growing beverage industries in America; new breweries are springing up across the country and across the globe. To make it in this market brewers need every advantage they can get, especially packaging.

Canal Park already brews in large quantities and enjoys a growing following, but they needed an edge to get to the next level. They contracted us to help them get there. Our team understands the importance of branding and of simplifying our customer’s packaging processes. In this effort we developed a complete package, including custom designed labeling, that would allow their product to be recognized as a truly unique product in a crowded field.

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Project details:

Product Name

Label For Canal Par

Product Description

Printing Labels Craft Beer

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Multi-Colored Silk Screening



Graphic Designer


Complete Package of Bottle
Sell beer in Large Volume

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Minnesota Area

Standards Met

Customer Specifications