Project description:

At WB Bottle Supply Company, we’ve been providing customers with innovative packaging solutions since 1932. The product shown here was produced for a restaurant customer, and highlights our expertise in high quality graphic design as well as precision silk screening.

The Das Dutchman restaurant in Middlebury, Indiana needed a number of custom labels printed for various products. These multi-color labels were designed to enhance the appearance of products which included peanut butter, apple butter, and salad dressing. To give the bottles greater visibility, the labels were printed upside down so that they would be readable on store shelves. From customer specifications, our graphic design team was able to create attractive labels that captured the nature of the client’s business, greatly improving the marketability of their products. This was augmented by high quality multi-color silk screening that delivered crisp colors and a durable finish.

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Project details:

Product Name

Das Dutchman Labels

Product Description

Printing Labels on Multiple Bottles

Standards Met

Customer Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Multi-Colored Silk Screening



Graphic Designer


Bottle Printed Upside Down so it is readable on store Shelves
Print Multi Color Labels on Peanut Butter, Apple Butter and Salad Dressing

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Middlebury, IN