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FAQ Page on Decorating

Effective decoration whether through packaging, labeling, or product design helps create a strong first impression on consumers. It communicates vital information about the product and establishes a brand identity, fostering recognition and loyalty. Moreover, well-executed decoration can differentiate a product from its competitors, contributing to its overall success in the market.

This blog post delves into frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding WB Bottle Supply’s decorating services. Here, we explore the company’s capabilities and techniques and provide practical tips for a better understanding of the offerings!

1. What Techniques Does WB Bottle Supply Specialize In?

At WB Bottle Supply, we specialize in the following techniques:

  • Silk Screening
    Silk screening is a cost-effective decorating technique that provides packages with a professional look. We can custom silk screen most glass or plastic containers we sell in sizes up to one gallon. With a long history in the bottle and packaging industries, our team can also provide expert advice on our products and services. These include various bottle types and materials and graphic design. We offer multi color print as well as half-tone printing.
  • Pressure-Sensitive Labeling
    Pressure-sensitive labeling is the process of applying labels to products using adhesive-backed labels that stick to surfaces when applied with pressure. They are often self-adhesive and require no additional water, heat, or solvent for activation. At WB Bottle Supply, we have the equipment and expertise to apply your labels and take your package to the next level.
  • In-House Graphic Design
    WB Bottle Supply has established a robust in-house graphic design team to cater to our client’s unique branding and packaging needs. With a focus on creativity and precision, our experts will work closely with you to develop visually compelling labels, logos, and packaging designs. This guarantees that each product meets the highest quality standards and stands out in the market.

2. What Other Related Services Does WB Bottle Supply Offer?

Our partnerships facilitate other decoration options, such as in-mold lettering (IML) and applied ceramic lettering (ACL) for bottles. This flexibility allows customers to select the most suitable process aligning with their specific application requirements and budget constraints. Our team also offers repacking bulk containers for streamlined handling, and local delivery is available to Southeastern Wisconsin.

Note that container decorating is a value-added service offered for containers purchased through WB Bottle Supply. We are not able to decorate containers that are purchased elsewhere.

3. What Are the Preferred File Formats for Submitting Artwork?

WB Bottle Supply’s art department can accommodate a diverse range of file types, ensuring compatibility with MAC and PC platforms. Here is a list of the most commonly utilized formats for your convenience:

  • Adobe Illustrator* (.ai,.eps,.pdf) – Preferred Method
  • Adobe Photoshop*

*When submitting Adobe files, please do not outline the font. This will allow us to make quick changes in-house if needed.

4. Why Is It Important To Decorate Bottles and Jars?

Decorating bottles and jars enhances product visibility on the shelves, grabbing consumer attention in a crowded market. Effective decoration also communicates vital information about the product, such as branding, ingredients, and usage instructions. Additionally, well-crafted packaging contributes to brand recognition and loyalty, as consumers often associate visual cohesion with product quality.

Employing methods like silk-screen printing for bottle and jar decoration offers a distinct advantage. Unlike other techniques, it ensures a more permanent application of designs and information onto the packaging. This permanence translates to durability, making the decorated bottles and jars safe and resistant to solvents. In contrast, using labels or other temporary decorations might compromise the integrity of the packaging under certain conditions, leading to fading or peeling over time.

5. How Do I Know Which Decoration Method To Choose?

Here are several practical tips and advice to determine the most suitable decoration technique for your needs:

  • Product type: Some decoration methods may be better suited for specific materials or product types. So, consider the nature of your product, such as its material, shape, and intended use.
  • Budget considerations: Evaluate your budget constraints. Different ways come with varying costs, and understanding your budget will help narrow down suitable options.
  • Quantity and scale: Assess the volume of production. Some techniques are more efficient for large-scale production, while others may be more suitable for smaller batches.
  • Regulatory compliance: Check if there are any regulatory standards or compliance requirements for your industry that may influence the choice of decoration methods.
  • Customization options: Assess the level of customization offered by each way. Depending on your needs, your product may require specific design flexibility.

6. What Are the Minimum Orders for Custom Print?

At WB Bottle Supply, our minimum orders for custom print are very small. Depending on the container size, we can print as few as 500 plastic bottles or 144 glass bottles with no setup fee. We make everything accessible for smaller businesses or those with specific needs.

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