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When Should You Think About Revamping Your Packaging?

tampering during storage, transportation, and handling. Beyond protection, it is also critical in product marketing and distribution. Thoughtful design influences consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions, significantly contributing to a product’s success in the market.

Knowing when to revamp your packaging is a strategic move that can redefine your market presence. This article delves into the key indicators that it is time to redesign your product’s packaging and how WB Bottle Supply can help.

Signs It Is Packaging refers to designing, evaluating, and producing containers, labels, and other materials to enclose and protect products. It safeguards goods from physical damage, contamination, or Time for a Packaging Makeover

Recognizing the signs that indicate a need for packaging redesign is crucial for businesses aiming to stay competitive in the marketplace. Here are the top elements to look at:

Changing Market Trends

Shifts in consumer preferences and industry trends may render your current outfit outdated. If you notice competitors switching to modern, sustainable, or innovative packaging designs, it might be time to reassess and revamp.

Brand Evolution

Packaging should align with the brand’s current image and positioning in the market. If your brand undergoes a significant transformation in visual identity, messaging, or values, your product cover should reflect these changes.

Product Line Expansion

Introducing new products or altering existing ones can necessitate a product cover design update. Ensuring consistency across all products while adapting to new offerings is vital for maintaining a cohesive and unified brand image.

Consumer Feedback and Complaints

Pay attention to consumer feedback and complaints regarding packaging issues. Consistent concerns about functionality, durability, or visual appeal clearly signal that a redesign might be necessary to address these problems.

Legislative or Regulatory Changes

Stay informed about any changes in packaging regulations or industry standards. Compliance is essential, and failing to meet new requirements could lead to costly fines and business interruptions.

How We Can Help

WB Bottle Supply is a reliable partner for businesses aiming to modernize their packaging. Here are the services we offer:

Custom Molds

WB Bottle Supply partners with manufacturers all over the world and we are happy to facilitate creating a custom mold for your packaging needs. A custom mold gives our customer the freedom to design something unique that will certainly stand out from their competitors.

Silk Screening

WB Bottle Supply offers custom silk screening for most glass or plastic containers we sell, ranging in sizes up to one gallon. Our silk screening process — whether in single or multi-color — adds a high-end, professional look to the packaging. In addition, we offer halftone silk screening to provide depth to graphics on plastic covers. We also use the Pantone Matching System to ensure the accurate recreation of colors in customers’ artwork.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

At WB Bottle Supply, we leverage pressure-sensitive labeling as an impactful strategy to create attention-grabbing packaging designs in a saturated market. We offer personalized full-color labels, utilizing diverse substrates and adhesives to suit almost any product. This ensures a customized and versatile solution for diverse applications.

In-House Graphic Design

WB Bottle Supply understands that a well-crafted design is essential for effective packaging. Whether starting from scratch or updating existing visuals, our in-house graphic designer can assist you with all your decorating needs.

Additional Services

In addition to these services, WB Bottle Supply offers solutions for in-mold lettering (IML) and applied ceramic lettering (ACL). These options allow customers to choose the most fitting process for their application and price point. The company’s commitment extends to simplifying handling by repacking bulk containers, and we provide local delivery options for businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Transform Your Brand Aesthetics With WB Bottle Supply’s Premier Packaging Services

If you want to elevate your brand with captivating packaging, partner with WB Bottle Supply! We are your single source for high-quality packaging products and services. With comprehensive capabilities, we can empower businesses to achieve that coveted “wow” shelf appeal while ensuring functionality and individuality in every package.

Moreover, our specialists can turn your concept into reality by collaborating with renowned manufacturers worldwide. We also cater to businesses of various sizes, serving diverse volume needs.

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