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Every day, there is a greater need to safeguard the ecosystem and our world. Indeed, more and more businesses across the globe, in every industry, are understanding that being environmentally responsible benefits their brand significantly with customers and can also considerably influence the earth.

Recent innovations have made plastics far more sustainable than in the past, and employing post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin is a vital contributor to that endeavor.

What Is PCR Resin?

PCR resin is manufactured from recycled plastic, such as water and beverage bottles. It provides a more sustainable source for manufacturing packaging films, containers, sheets, and other things that would otherwise be created using virgin plastic resin.

Making new bottles using PCR resins reduces plastic from the environment and promotes a circular economy. These resins are created from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are completely recyclable, with a lower carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions than typical resins.

PCR resins comply with laws and regulations for food, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, and general retail packaging, making them appropriate for almost any packaging requirement.

Advantages of PCR Resin

The following are the benefits of using PCR resins:

Application Flexibility

With PCR resin, you can obtain all the advantages of plastic while still selecting a more environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, both PCR HDPE and PCR PET maintain the same properties, functionality, and adaptability as their traditional counterparts.

Regulatory Conformity

Each state and municipal authority has its own laws and guidelines governing packaging and recycled goods. PCR resin is regulatory-friendly since it provides a more sustainable alternative, making it easy to satisfy any environmental demands and restrictions within your industry

Energy Conservation

PCR resin products reduce the need for non-renewable energy sources — such as crude oil, natural gas, and uranium — by 53% compared to creating new plastics from raw materials. For instance, recycling a pound of PET plastic rather than manufacturing a new can save up to 12,000 BTUs.

Brand Sustainability Appeal

Over 73% of consumers have said they will consistently make an effort to purchase more sustainable items. Using PCR resin in packaging benefits brand owners by demonstrating their environmental responsibility to customers. In that case, they will be more inclined to stick with your brand and products in the future, allowing you to attract new customers and maintain the ones you already have.

Long-Term Eco-Responsibility

Selecting recycled materials over virgin resins can lead to long-term economic development and sustainability. Therefore, PCR will continue to be the superior packing material over non-recycled plastics from a financial and branding standpoint.

Prioritize Sustainability With WB Bottle Supply Company

Aside from the direct environmental benefits of using PCR resin, it is also viable for promoting a broader sustainability strategy for your brand. This will allow you to reach consumers looking for environmentally conscious purchasing options and enable you to forge a relationship with a loyal customer base.

WB Bottle Supply Company can help your company transition to a more environmentally responsible business design! We offer premium packaging supplies, representing leading glass and plastic container manufacturers and closure and sprayer systems.

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